The will is a most important document because it is the only way of ensuring our wishes can be carried out after we have died.

These wishes are about how you want to distribute your property after you die and who you want to manage your estate and the carrying out of the intensions expressed in your will after your death. Whether you live in Brisbane or surrounds it can be helpful to seek advice from lawyers experienced in wills and estates.

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Your will should therefore include:

  • Who will be the executors and trustees of your estate
  • Whether you wish to leave any specific items or sums of money to anyone in particular
  • Who you would like to recieve and in what proportions the remainder of your estate.

There can be other issues you may want to address in your will such as:

  • The forgiveness of a debt such as to one of your children
  • The inclusion of a testamentary trust such as where you wish to leave funds for a child with a disability
  • The donation of your organs or whether you wish to be buried or cremated
  • To express your wish that a child or children live with or be cared for by a particular person if you die while he or she is an infant.

What happens if no will is made?

If you die without a will the Succession Act sets out who will be entitled to benefit from your estate. It will be up to one of your beneficiaries of your estate to volunteer to administer the estate. The result maybe conflict and confusion about who will be responsible for the estate and people you intended to benefit from the estate may not receive what you wanted them to.

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