You have made your first appointment to see one of our Brisbane family lawyers in the northside so you may be thinking what next?

It may feel overwhelming making the step to see a lawyer. It can be helpful to prepare for the consultation in advance. Preparing for the consultation can help your appointment to run more smoothly for you and your lawyer. However, please note that your lawyer will guide you through what you need to provide. So, please do not hesitate to make an appointment because you are trying to get everything together before you go.  

Preparing to see family lawyers in northside Brisbane

The first time you meet your lawyer it is an opportunity for the lawyer to assess your circumstances and provide specific advice related to your unique situation. So make sure you bring with you any questions you wish to ask and clarify with your Lawyer any concerns you have.

So the first step is to write down any questions or concerns you have so you cover these in your consultation. The rest of the checklist is additional and optional to prepare. Some of the information may not be required at the first consultation however it is useful to be prepared.

Checklist: what to bring for a family law consultation- children’s matters

  1.  Any correspondence you have received from your ex-spouse or ex partner’s Lawyer
  2.  Details of the Lawyer of your ex-partner/ex-spouse
  3.  Details of any children, their names and dates of birth
  4.  Details of the date you commenced the relationship and other important dates such as when you got married and date of separation
  5.  Copies of important documents such as marriage certificate and birth certificates of children
  6.  If you have divorced from your ex-spouse, then bring the copy of the divorce certificate
  7.  Copies of any Court orders including Domestic Violence Orders or Court Orders made in relation to the children.
  8.  List of any specific questions you wish to ask the Lawyer.

Checklist: what to bring for a family law consultation- financial matters

*All of the below: include whether it is in your name or jointly or in your ex-spouse/ex partners name

  1. A list detailing property owned such as jewelry, electronic equipment, appliances or other property
  2. A list of all bank accounts and the recent balances
  3. A list of any credit cards and the current balances
  4. A list of stocks, shares or investments owned
  5. A list of other loans or debts
  6. Copies of income tax returns for the past three years
  7. A list of any assets owned such as cars, boats etc
  8. A list of real estate owned and recent title searches
  9. Recent market appraisals of the real estate
  10. A list of any inheritances received by you or your former partner/ former spouse
  11. Recent pay slips
  12. Business taxation and financial statements for a business, family company or trust if you or your ex-partner/spouse has an interest
  13. Copies of medical insurance and life insurance policies
  14. Copies of superannuation documents
  15. A list of any non-financial contributions you made – renovations to the house or raising the children

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