The division of property after separation can be particularly stressful and difficult territory to navigate. It is important to know your legal rights and find out what you are entitled too.

You may need to get some preliminary legal advice in order to know what is the best way forward in your property settlement. It may be possible to come to an agreement outside of court however if both parties are not agreeable, and depending on the length of the relationship, whether children are involved, the parties contributions and the amount of assets involved then you may need the advice of a lawyer.

If you’re looking for divorce and separation lawyers in Brisbane’s northside, Terry Anderssen Solicitor is highly experienced in family law matters relating to the division of property between the parties and can help you navigate this process.

The Family Court determines the way property is divided between married persons and defacto partners after separation depends on the Family Law Act 1975.

Quick Tips from Brisbane’s northside divorce lawyers:

In order to reach an agreement about how property will be divided up certain steps have to be taken. This is a quick reference to the preliminary steps needed to be taken to start considering how to divide property between the parties.

Steps to be taken are:

  1. Make an inventory of all assets and liabilities at the time of separation

  2. Obtain a value of all assets

  3. Calculate what each party has contributed both directly and indirectly to the property

  4. Work out factors affecting each party such as their current financial positions and abilities to earn income along with other factors such as the cost of caring for parents, and whether either party has a disability.

Providing Brisbane with experienced separation lawyers for property division

If you are going through a separation and need assistance from divorce lawyers regarding the division of property in Brisbane’s northside or surrounds get in touch with Terry Anderssen. Call 07 3350 4417 today for all matters relating to family law, as well as wills and estates, conveyancing and business law.

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